Multi-talented individual with a background in both television media and medicine

September 9, 2018

To whom it may concern,

This is to serve as a letter of recommendation for Dr. Donese Worden. I have known Dr. Worden in the capacity of the media for the past few years. I can say that she is a uniquely multi-talented individual with a background in both television media and medicine. Her commitment to research has made her a joy to work with as an interviewee. Her knowledge base in the field of natural medicine is truly impressive, constantly exposing our audiences to cutting-edge procedures, natural product development and research. She also brings a proper amount of skepticism to the table in a field where false claims have often created a mistrust of the medical profession.

What I find most valuable, however, is that she has the capacity to care about the
welfare of her patients, taking a humanistic and individual approach to their healing journey and relishing the challenge of complex cases. This has contributed to the building of trust with our audiences.

In addition, Dr. Worden has been very generous in allowing access to her valuable network of colleagues, each of whom have had groundbreaking expertise of their own. As a team player, she is always supporting the discoveries of her colleagues, rather than entering into competition with them. Combined with her enthusiasm, work ethic and professionalism, I hold that she would be an incredible asset to any healthcare project she aligns herself with.

Regina Meredith

Producer and Host, Healing Matrix on GaiaTV
Producer and Host, Health Bites on