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Dr. Worden's Philosophy

You may have cancer but it doesn’t have you. Having treated hundreds of current cancer patient’s and survivors, including personal friends and family members, Dr. Donese Worden is on a mission to give back the choice, the power, and the decisions to the one person who matters most in these situations - the patient!

Dr. Worden is renowned for identifying and helping to bring unique healing modalities and therapies from abroad to the United States, putting her on the vanguard of integrated, naturopathic medicine. She is an award-winning physician and global health educator who expertly and compassionately...

Press-pulse - a novel therapeutic strategy for the metabolic management of cancer

Background: A shift from respiration to fermentation is a common metabolic hallmark of cancer cells. As a result, glucose and glutamine become the prime fuels for driving the dysregulated growth of tumors. The simultaneous occurrence of “Press-Pulse” disturbances was considered the mechanism responsible for reduction of organic populations during prior evolutionary epochs. Press disturbances produce chronic stress, while pulse disturbances produce acute stress on populations. It was only when both disturbances coincide that population  education occurred.