Clinical Research

The Research arm of Dr. Worden's enterprise is deeply invested in and committed to state-of-the-art R&D in such areas as medical devices, natural products and nutraceuticals. Many quality companies cannot afford the high prices pharmaceutical and other large research companies charge to conduct important and necessary studies. Dr. Worden and her staff of preeminent researchers conduct studies at cost-effective prices that are designed with efficacy, safety, label claim and marketing support in mind. IRB approved studies that deliver custom solutions designed against business and marketing objectives is the primary focus.

“Many times we already know the products are efficacious,” Dr. Worden explains, “it’s just a matter of putting the science behind it. We can and must do this.” Dr. Worden is passionate about the importance of scientific data backing product claims. A self-described “quality control freak” regarding what we put into our bodies, the results of her research--both qualitative and quantitative, are making significant contributions to the field.

An innovative, clinical research company, Repower Medical Research offers consultation for Business/Product Design, Formulation, Product Research, Online Research, and IRB approved human clinical trials.

Contact our staff at 480-588-2233 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Worden.