Why do I need to create a patient portal for myself?

All of your medical information needs to be kept safe and secure. All written communication including emails need to go through the portal. The good news is by utilizing your patient portal you can see your medical results including labs and other pertinent information. Once you get used to using it, your information will be easy to access. If you have ANY troubles setting it up or using it, call our office. We will help guide you through everything.  

Will my visit with Dr. Worden be covered by insurance?

Payment is due at time of service. However, office visits and certain laboratory tests may be eligible for insurance reimbursement. Coverage varies depending on your insurance plan. Many patients have no problem receiving partial, if not total reimbursement. We will ensure you have all the correct codes and documents to facilitate the application for reimbursement.

Can I get a free 10 min. phone consult with Dr. Worden?

Yes for new patients only. Please call our office at 480-588-2233 and request a new patient free phone consultation.   During this time Dr. Worden will listen to your concerns, however, she will not be able to offer you any medical advice until your first actual office visit. This time is to provide you with an opportunity to meet Dr. Worden.

I live out of state, can I become a patient?

Yes, provided you meet certain requirements.   If you have an Arizona address that you utilize for a residency then you can become an Arizona patient. Even if you live out of state part-time you can be a patient. You will need to see Dr. Worden in person once a year for a physical exam, and then all other appointments can be conducted via telemedicine. Dr. Worden can also consult with you and/or your other physicians to coordinate your care. As Dr. Worden’s practice is not insurance-based there will be a charge for the time spent, however her patient’s have felt this streamlined their care and is well worth the investment.

What is a Resource Consultation?

If you cannot become a patient for whatever reason you can still have resource consultations with Dr. Worden to help guide your care. Dr. Worden remains a leader in novel and unique therapies and will be able to help you and your physicians learn about MANY MORE OPTIONS for diagnosis and treatments.  
Dr. Worden will not be your official doctor or provide medical care but she can instruct you on therapies, physicians, treatments and other resources for you to have the best care available. Dr. Worden can also consult with your physicians as a resource. There is a charge for her resource consultations.