I am a big fan of this talented respected Doctor

August 31, 2018

To Whom It May Concern:
I am enthusiastically writing this letter of recommendation for Dr. Donese Worden whom I have known professionally for more than a decade. Dr. Worden has shared many patients with me over the years. I can say that her patients love her and trust her. She has a deep caring for patients and treats them as individuals, finding just the right treatment for their personal needs. When I have a patient jointly under her care, I can expect them to tolerate the Radiation Therapy I prescribe much better. Most recently we have been collaborating on how to improve skin reactions in breast treatments, using soft laser therapy after the radiation treatments. Given her enthusiasm for research and science, we plan to put a study together at this campus to determine the best practice for this treatment modality.

Dr. Worden has a wealth of knowledge that is impressive and her willingness to integrate all therapies for the good of the patient is refreshing. She can offer patients a wide variety of treatments and is proficient in all of them. From IV therapies, Homeopathics, injections, laser therapy, Hyperthermia, nutrition, she is multitalented and all for the good of her patient!

Dr. Worden has the energy and drive to make things happen, move projects forward. Combined with her tremendous intellect, she is the person to lead the team and ensure success if given the opportunity. I have seen her multiple lecture series, media presentations and teaching seminars bring her to the forefront of her field. She is great on camera! She is a great team player as well, personable and fun to be with, which makes success of the team more likely.

As you can see, I am a big fan of this talented respected Doctor. I believe that you would be very happy choosing her for your position and I predict great success if you do.


Emily J. Grade, M.D.
Radiation Oncology Breast Lead, Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center
Adjunct Associate Professor MD Anderson Cancer Center