Dr. Worden is one of the brightest stars in medicine

Letter of Recommendation

 DATE: September 5, 2018

To whom it May Concern:

Natural Partners, Inc. has enjoyed a working business relationship with Dr. Donese Worden for over 10 years.  Our company distributes Nutraceuticals to Healthcare professionals nationally. Dr. Worden has been both a client and a mentor to our company by continuing to advise us and to bring forward several potential manufacturer partners. We have also partnered and hosted numerous events with Dr. Worden as she taught her peers workshops on a variety of treatments such as aesthetics, homeopathic and pain management. Typically, at least once or twice a year, Dr. Worden has trained our non-medical staff on particular products that we can understand products to discuss with Healthcare practitioners.

Dr. Worden has made many videos with our video production department and she is extremely well spoken and dynamic with the video camera. This ability seems to come naturally to her and of course she is quite beautiful and poised always.

I have also witnessed how successful her entrepreneurial skills that clearly helped advised and created some “best selling products” over the years. She understands raw ingredients and has been able to develop and forecast popular products before they have come up on the market for supplement companies.

Over the years she as also helped us to understand new innovative treatments, clinical trials and introductions to many authorities that would be considered experts in their fields. 

From my personal relationship as a patient, Dr. Worden is a straight shooter; she has an innate gift of understanding and healing a person. It is my belief that she is one of the very few practitioners that really understands both the Allopathic School of Medicine and the Alternative, Function treatments. She is able to bridge the two worlds of medicine in the best interest of the patient.

I would consider Dr. Worden to be one of the brightest stars in medicine and always seek her advise before receiving any treatment.


 Dianna Smith, President

Natural Partners, Inc.