Rare combination of clinical skills, research aptitude, education, and overall excellence in care.


To whom it may concern: 

RE: Recommendation for Donese Worden, N.M.D. 

I am writing in enthusiastic support of Dr. Donese Worden helping to spear-head a new integrative cancer treatment center in Colorado. I understand it will be a first-of-a-kind for comprehensive and metabolic therapies for people diagnosed with cancer. Dr. Worden is more than well-qualified to implement integrative therapies to assist in cancer healing. She understands the science of the immune processes underpinning common oncological diagnoses and is superbly informed of the naturopathic strategies that can be safely deployed to assist conventional care. She has a deep interest in well-being for people suffering from chronic diseases and with this intention is writing a book for optimal health when coping with cancer. 

I have had the pleasure to know and work with Dr. Worden since I was in the Division of Rheumatology at Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota. She always goes beyond the call of duty in giving expert care and sound advice for integrative and naturopathic care for my patients with inflammatory rheumatic diseases. Her follow-up with physicians like myself is exemplary. I always learn something new and her advice has changed my practice. More than that, my patients express a great deal of enjoyment and satisfaction with clinical encounters with Dr. Worden. 

Dr. Worden also brings unique skills with public speaking and is the host of radio and popular shows on medical matters on public broadcasting service (PBS). She is the right spokesperson to showcase the newer thinking in cancer care – both to the medical community and also for friends and families of patients. 

In summary, I am happy to give my highest recommendation for Dr. Wordens’ appointment at the Colorado cancer center. She brings a rare combination of clinical skills, research aptitude, education, and a deep enthusiasm for medicine and overall excellence in care. 


Nisha Manek, MD 

Former chair, Kingman Rheumatology 

Member, Mayo Clinic Network Hospitals 

Kingman, AZ