Meticulous research and amazing media presence

Dear Sir or Madame: 

I am writing on behalf of Donese Worden, N.M.D., who has been both a professional colleague and friend for the past ten years. 

Dr. Worden and I met when I was serving as a television news reporter and producer. I was asked to produce a video for an Italian naturopathic company as there are very few bilingual producers. As soon as I met Dr. Worden, I was impressed with her passion for helping others, her medical knowledge, and her on-camera presence. I have interviewed numerous doctors and scientists and it can be somewhat challenging to get them “camera ready.” 

Because of my background, I am frequently asked by producers if I know anyone who is capable of discussing medical issues. I have booked Dr. Donese Worden on numerous television programs with topics ranging from breast cancer, hormone replacement, and staying healthy during flu season. I have enormous confidence that Dr. Worden will deliver because of her meticulous research and amazing media presence. Because of her talents, I have recently started pitching Dr. Worden to the national networks because I feel she is that talented. 

As our relationship turned from colleague to friend in recent years, I always welcome my calls from Dr. Worden because she is always involved in a new project – whether it’s writing a book on cancer or creating an online store with healthy products to help patients. Her goal is and has always been the same: To help others, provide medical information, and comfort her patients. While she has a wealth of medical knowledge, I feel her greatest asset is her compassion that she provides to her patients. During the past five years, I have navigated the medical world during my father’s lengthy illness. I trusted Dr. Worden to treat my father, which she did with enormous compassion and expertise.

Dr. Worden is true to that goal of helping others and it has been my honor to call her my friend and colleague for more than one decade.

If there is any other information you require, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. 


Mia Toschi 

MVT Media