One thing that stands out is her integrity and patients come first

To Whom it May Concern,

This is a letter of recommendation for Dr. Donese Worden. I've known Dr. Worden professionally and personally for many years now. As the CEO of Care Oncology she has been a critical resource. We continue to collaborate in a number of ways. Over the years, I have been impressed by her ability's as a clinician, researcher, and her ability to develop and market new products. One thing that stands out is her integrity. In her practice, and any project she is part of, the patients come first. She always applies appropriate skepticism and risk/reward analysis with her patients’ best interest at heart. 

In addition, Dr. Worden has built out an incredibly valuable network of colleagues. She is one of those rare, generous individuals that can bring the right people together. Dr. Worden has introduced me to several colleagues, at critical moments, that resulted in productive partnerships. Whenever we have worked together it has been a wonderful experience for everyone involved. In addition to advancing the project, Dr. Worden has the ability to bring a levity into the room--to make things fun. As I've been involved in many projects, this often neglected intangible quality of people always becomes critical in the long run. Working with the "right" people will determine the sustainability of any project or business. 

Dr. Worden would be an incredibly valuable addition to any research collaboration. Her expertise, integrity, media presence, and multitude of skills in the healthcare space is deep, experienced, and truly impressive. I am always blown away by her level of curiosity, motivation, and work ethic and strongly recommend her for any healthcare related position.  

Travis Christofferson,

CEO Care Oncology USA

Author, Tripping Over the Truth