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If you are looking for new tools for health or have illnesses you haven’t found solutions for, the following information may be very helpful to you and answer a few questions about WHY you haven’t gotten better. You may have tried drugs, surgery, herbs, nutrition and many other ways and still don’t feeling like you’ve achieved total health. Bioenergetic medicine addresses the physical body and the emotional/mental body to help achieve 100% wellness. Sometimes your body needs a “signal” to point it in the right direction. You may wonder what an electrical/magnetic signal has to do with your body? The answer is: EVERYTHING that happens in your body does so with a vibrational component. We are literally beings of light and our cells communicate to one another with frequency. Those signals tap into your body’s own pharmacy which is many times stronger than any known drug and the molecules are produced in the RIGHT dosage, at the RIGHT time, in the RIGHT place, because your body possesses all it needs to heal itself. I have seen in my medical practice that a little subtle information makes big and immediate changes in the body. Unfortunately, because of our environmental issues, we must detox and add in individualized nutritional support. To build a house…you must first clean (Detox) the area ... Purchase bricks and mortar (Nutrition) and hire the workers to do the job. (Give it the Energy). It’s really that simple.

Leading-edge science is proving that every pathological and health event in the body (including cancer) produces electrical and magnetic changes in and around the body. Dr. Harold Saxton Burr conducted cancer research showing that the body produces measurable electrical changes before tumors are grown. New technology from Russia (SCENAR) was developed for the cosmonauts to diagnose and treat in space. This technology has been around 25 years but we are just starting to train doctors in the U.S. in this modality. It looks like a remote control. It actually is one but properly tunes the channels of the body not the TV. SCENAR is the world’s first real time biofeedback medical device. It reads the changes in your skins conduction and constantly modulates its impulse (information being given to the body). Each impulse is different from the last one, so the body does not adapt to the action thus allowing neuropeptides to act to restore the body to homeostasis. This means it talks WITH you nervous system to allow the body to remember a healthy nerve impulse to send to all of your organs, tissues, cells, etc. so they can repair themselves. 

Worldwide lectures are beginning to educate doctors in the SCIENCE behind these healing devices. Personally, it’s very exciting to be a part of something bigger than myself and to collect some of the newest knowledge by leading-edge researchers across the world. Energy fields have gone from scientific nonsense to a very viable and exciting part of biomedical research. My desire is to share this kind of research with you about your electro-magnetic body so that you will understand how POWERFUL that part of our “self” is. In subsequent editions of “DYNAMIC LIVING MAGAZINE”, I will provide you with educational yet fascinating information to inspire you to find natural therapies to help your body heal itself. In this edition, I would like to introduce you to the history of energy medicine and by the end of the series…to the most unique and up-to-date technologies being used in bioenergetic medicine.

Vibrational medicine is ancient. We just have better technology to deliver the information to the body in easier and faster ways. We don’t hurt you anymore like they did in 400 B.C. This is the earliest recorded use of electricity for healing. Electric eels were used to shock sick people. Not very much fun but the therapy got people better. Thousands of years ago magnetic healing (use of loadstones and light) was used in Africa, Egypt and China. The Egyptian pyramids had areas where they used refractory light for different ailments. This use of light is like our current low level lasers. We can now put the technology in a box and not have to stand in a pyramid at a certain time of day. Einstein is said to have postulated the first laser, however, the technology didn’t exist at the time for him to build one. Another example of introducing energy into the body is the laying on of hands. This type of work has been recorded through ancient religious texts and is thought to be the forerunner to Reiki, therapeutic touch, polarity therapy and other techniques where one human being can change the vibrations of another human. This ability has been studied and backed up by modern research. 

Early electrotherapy was used in the late 1700’s by physicians including static or franklinic electricity, direct or galvanic current, faradic and high frequency current. By 1884 approximately 10,000 doctors in the USA were using electrical modalities everyday. In 1910 the Flexnor Report declared electrotherapy unsupported by science and was legally excluded from practice. You lost your medical license if you were caught using the therapies even though they had been successfully working according to the doctors. Currently electro biology is being utilized by orthodox medicine for diagnosis such as MRI, EKG, EEG among MANY others, however, the status quo still has a bias against the thought that electrical and magnetic fields have any basis in health and disease expect for diagnosis. An EKG does not measure the heart directly; it measures the electromagnetic field around the heart. The heart has been the organ of most study because it produces the strongest electrical and magnetic activity of any tissue. The biomagnetic field of the heart is thought to extend indefinitely into space. The strength diminishes with distance but there is no end point according to some physicists. Some physicians believe that biomagnetic fields are better indicators of events taking place WITHIN the body than are electrical measurements taken from the skin’s surface. In other words we are measuring the field created AROUND the body not ON the body. Amazing that we are utilizing these diagnostic tools to SEE disease or dysfunction in the body but it’s too foreign to think that we can use these fields to help the body heal itself. Except for PEMF therapy (Pulsed electromagnetic Field therapy) to help with bone healing very few other modalities are considered mainstream in treatment.

Homeopathy, aromatherapy, color and sound therapies, herbal preparations and even pharmaceutical drugs vibrate at specific frequencies, which you will learn about in subsequent articles. The spectrum of these energies and the body’s energies is very specific…in fact they are so precise that chemists can us these signatures (or fingerprints) to identify an unknown substance. These energetic modalities are not based on obscure theories…the study of energetic phenomena have provided images of atoms and molecules for the chemistry world. A series of Nobel prizes attest to this study and are closely linked to quantum theory. Astronomers and astrophysicists use the spectroscopic methods to help them determine the composition of stars and other objects. MRI’s work because tumors and other pathologies contain abnormal arrangements of water which produce unique electro-magnetic signatures. As the science grows, more doctors and healthcare practioners are beginning to understand that they can’t ignore this part of our body and that it truly may be some of our best medicine because it jump starts the body’s own innate healing response. 

Naturopathic Medical Doctor’s intertwine what has become two distinct systems- western healthcare and alternative healthcare- into one complete method of treatment. An N.M.D. combines traditional Western medical training (a thorough history, physical exam, lab work, imaging studies, writing prescriptions when necessary, and minor surgical procedures) with alternative therapeutic training (clinical nutrition, acupuncture, spinal manipulation, botanical medicine, counseling, homeopathy, and regenerative injection therapy.

All of these modalities are very helpful in working with the human body…however the most profound healing I have ever been privileged to work with is FREQUENCY MEDICINE. Bioenergetic medicine is the wave of the future for healthcare. I believe we will stop using so many drugs, surgeries AND herbs, nutraceuticals etc, in exchange for giving the body specific energy it needs to heal itself.

I hope I’ve assisted you in understanding more about your vibrational body and I hope to turn you all into quasi science nerds for the sake of your health.

Next article: Entrainment, Shumann response, and molecular surgery…..SEE you’re a nerd already. 

In Energetic Health,
Donese Worden, N.M.D.

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