This method involves a combination of natural medicine injections performed in our doctors office plus oral and topical medicines for daily home use (as needed by Physician). The technique of natural injections use minimal invasive injections of biotherapeutic medicines under the skin surface. Having a variety of applications. The most popular uses include: Facial Biorevitalization, Reduction in Appearance of lines, wrinkles, cellulite, body fat and support in toning of the breasts.

The Science of Beauty Starts from Within. It begins working at the cellular level to give you a vibrant, toned and rejuvenated face and body.

Rejuvenate your natural collagen-producing mechanisms; take years off your face and skin; stimulate your own natural fat-burning mechanisms; help your body convert fat into energy. By stimulating your body’s self-healing and regenerative capacities, this method helps in fighting the effects of aging, sun damage, stress and toxins.

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