As a physician I’m always looking for effective natural treatments for diseases and In this case Liver disease. I’ve noticed new patients coming to my office with a multitude of symptoms. Many have already been seen by traditional medicine doctors and are told they can’t find anything. The patient KNOWS they aren’t feeling well and that something is wrong. My job is to keep looking until I find the cause for the symptoms. This year I had the opportunity to have a medical devise in my clinic to conduct some research looking at liver health. What surprised me was the number of otherwise healthy people who showed either fatty liver or stiff liver (fibrosis/cirrohisis) or BOTH. I immediately searched the statitics to see how prevelant this was in the general population. This is what I found:

Liver Disease is a world-wide epidemic and the death rate from Liver disease is mounting in the United States. Liver Cancer incidence is also rapidly increasing.

Why was this not being talked about in our medical educational circles? I quickly saw the conundrum. There are currently no medications or other treatments available in the allopathic medical community. Only the symptoms are treated and then possibly a liver transplant.

I began researching what I had in my medical knowledge and started testing different treatments. I tracked the treatments and the patient progress each week for 6 weeks and some patients for months . Some of the treatments focused on weight loss ,lowering blood sugar, and other lifestyle and diet modifications. I saw the numbers improving showing a decrease of the fat and the fibrosis but it was slow and minima. The most effective and fastest treatment was a natural homeopathic injection from Germany. The injection is Hepar from the company Hevert and has been used in Europe for at least 20 years . Of note is that is has no reported side effects or contraindiactions with other medications. To date I have not heard of any treatment that has been as successful or as safe. I’m hopeful that a large study will be conducted on this medication so more physicians and patients can hear about it. In the meantime the injection is registered with the FDA and I have many case studies to show the benefit I’ve seen in blood work, scans and in how the patient feels.

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