Dr. Worden is the best of both worlds

Dr. Worden is the smartest, most articulate and informative doctor I have ever had. I appreciate the way she explains the whys and wherefores. She is the best of both worlds.

I would feel old and be in a lot of pain if hadn’t gone to her 20 years ago. I started with detoxing and that was my beginning of getting well. Dr. Worden also helped me find good supplements that my body needed. Now I take less vitamins with better results. Dr. Worden’s advice makes sense.

She also has a hair regeneration procedure I just finished. It helped my own body grow new hair. I have cute baby hair growing in. I love, love, love it.

I have just started her Biolift procedure on my face and neck. After the 1st procedure in the series my face is already looking so much better. My skin looks as good as I feel. Dr. Worden doesn’t do some procedures I wanted to try like fillers and botox. A couple of times I went to other places. This was a big mistake. In the long run those procedures didn’t turn out well. I discussed my poor results with Dr. Worden. She explained why it didn’t work and then suggested more natural alternatives. I have finally learned that if Dr. Worden doesn’t do a procedure I will be sorry if I do it someplace else.

It’s so great going to a doctor I respect, believe-in and trust.

- CB, Dr. Worden Patient