Patient Testimonials

Living Healthy through Many Years of Hep C

Dr. Worden is an answer to my prayers concerning my serious health issues.  I credit her as being the most important health professional in my life providing me health care and helping me to live healthy through my many years of living with Hep C. It was as a result of her excellent research on the new Hep C treatment and today I am cured! READ MORE >
Dr. Worden quite literally saved my life!

I believe that Dr. Worden quite literally saved my life! My ObGyn was preparing me for a complete hysterectomy and a double mastectomy as a preemptive measure against cancer.  There aren't enough wonderful words in any language to adequately describe Dr. Worden and her brilliantly compassionate and effective treatment approach. READ MORE >
Dr. Worden saved my life

Dr. Worden saved my life from having surgery after surgery! I probably wouldn't have my job ,my wife and the quality of life I have now if it wasn't for her!  I recommend her to anyone who asks!! READ MORE >
I’ve never had a Doctor like her and I’ve tried so many

Dr. Donese Worden is amazing! I’ve never had a Dr. like her and I’ve tried so many. She will help you find what’s going on throughout your body. I am so excited to see her and I do everything she tells me. READ MORE >
Dr. Worden is wise, warm and wonderful

Dr. Worden is the BEST! She's wise, warm, wonderful and really in the know for all good, natural and holistic ideas in the health world. I whole-heartedly recommend her. READ MORE >
Listens to my questions and concerns

Dr. Worden is professional, intelligent, and caring. She always takes the time to listen to my questions and concerns and has so much knowledge about so many different ways to help. I recommend her highly. She is the BEST! READ MORE >
Cancer no longer scares me the way it used to

After 25 years of very disappointing “doctor hopping,” I gave up on ever getting help with my health issues. But when I got a breast cancer diagnosis for Christmas, I called Dr. Worden and I had the most comprehensive, compassionate consultation I’d ever had!  When I expressed my fears and feelings about chemo and radiation, she assured me that if I chose that route, she had ways of helping me to deal with those side effects and even avoid some of them. That lowered my level of fear considerably!  I know that I’m in great hands, and my healing transformation is well underway! READ MORE >
With her by my side I know my health is in good hands

Dr. Worden is an amazing doctor who not only finds solutions & the best approach to your health challenges but she truly cares about each of her patients. I am so grateful to have her as my doctor because with her by my side I know my health is in good hands. READ MORE >
Zero energy to basically 100%.

I've been Dr. Worden's patient for about 18 months.  I have gone from zero energy to basically 100%.  And this has been after years of health issues.  Dr. Worden's commitment to her patients is exemplary.  If I have a problem or a question I have no problem getting an answer quickly.  Dr. Worden is all about communication.  Thank you, Dr. Worden. READ MORE >
Dr. Worden is the best of both worlds

Dr. Worden is the smartest, most articulate and informative doctor I have ever had. I appreciate the way she explains the whys and wherefores. She is the best of both worlds. I would feel old and be in a lot of pain if hadn’t gone to her 20 years ago. I started with detoxing and that was my beginning of getting well. Dr. Worden also helped me find good supplements that my body needed. Now I take less vitamins with better results. Dr. Worden’s advice makes sense.