Dr. Worden quite literally saved my life!

I believe that Dr. Worden quite literally saved my life! My ObGyn was preparing me for a complete hysterectomy and a double mastectomy as a preemptive measure against cancer. My estrogen sulfate levels were off the charts (the cancer causing estrogen).

I went to see Dr. Worden, who assessed my blood work in ways heretofore unknown to me, thereafter identifying the root cause for the hormonal imbalance. She tailored a functional medicine regime specific to my body's chemistry and, five years later, I am healthy as can be without any surgical intervention whatsoever.
She addressed my husband's heart condition -- post heart attack/loss of 25% of his heart muscle -- in a similar, in-depth manner and has put him back on the road to a healthy and productive lifestyle.

There aren't enough wonderful words in any language to adequately describe Dr. Worden and her brilliantly compassionate and effective treatment approach.

BS, Dr. Worden Patient