Cancer no longer scares me the way it used to

After 25 years of very disappointing “doctor hopping,” I gave up on ever getting help with my health issues. But when I got a breast cancer diagnosis for Christmas, I was highly motivated to become my own best health advocate! I remembered seeing an interview with Dr. Worden on GAIA TV and called her office right away. I took all of my procedure results and records to her and had the most comprehensive, compassionate consultation I’d ever had! When I expressed my fears and feelings about chemo and radiation, she assured me that if I chose that route, she had ways of helping me to deal with those side effects and even avoid some of them. That lowered my level of fear considerably! She helped me to understand how my system has made it easier for cancer cells to grow, and then she modified my supplements and helped me with a ketogenic diet to starve the cells. Cancer no longer scares me the way it used to now that I understand these things. After only a couple of weeks on my new protocol, I was feeling so much better and had great results with weight loss! Dr. Worden is extremely passionate about helping her patients get to the root of their illnesses, and with her level of knowledge, confidence, energy, and compassion, I know that I’m in great hands, and my healing transformation is well underway! Thank you, Dr. Worden!

RF, Dr. Worden Patient